About Sensu

Sensu Go OSS is an open source monitoring software released in 2017 by Sensu Inc., a venture funded company backed by Battery Ventures and Foundry Group. Sensu Inc was acquired in June 2021 by Sumo Logic Inc. [Nasdaq: SUMO]

Sensu Go is a commercially available monitoring and observability solution for enterprises, empowering DevOps and SRE teams to automate their monitoring workflows and gain deep visibility into their infrastructure – from Kubernetes to bare metal.

Sensu is Community

Built by operators, for operators, open source is at the heart of the Sensu product and company, with an active, thriving community of contributors. Backed by one of the largest open source communities in monitoring, companies like Sony, Box.com, and Activision rely on Sensu to help deliver value to their customers faster and more reliably, at scale.


Integrations by subject matter experts


Active Slack Members lending helping hands


GitHub Stars – a growing developer community


Annual installs, deployed everywhere

The Sensu Team @ Sumo Logic

Vikas Aggarwal

General Manager

Caleb Hailey

Product Management

Ajay Jain

Commercial Operations

Sean Porter

Chief Architect

Anthony Goddard

Customer Engineering

Check out the Sensu resource library

Sensu resources cover topics like Kubernetes, configuration management tools (like Puppet, Ansible, and Chef), multi-cloud infrastructure, and β€” of course! β€” monitoring. Take a look at our resource gallery below for whitepapers, videos, podcasts, and more.