Industrial Light & Magic Case Study

Christopher Caillouet of Industrial Light & Magic uses Sensu to monitor physical nodes, VMware, OpenStack, containers, and more. They were seeking a single source of truth with their monitoring, and landed on Sensu. They enjoy the robust community, documentation, and guidance, and find Sensu extensible and scalable.

IT Environment

Christopher’s team uses Sensu to monitor everything from physical nodes, VMware, OpenStack, containers and more. And as they roll out their applications into public cloud and Kubernetes platforms, they can depend on not being limited by Sensu’s monitoring capabilities.

Before Using Sensu

They felt there were too many disparate answers with too many different solutions in place with different teams, such as Nagios, Zabbix, PRTG, and no single source of truth for the health of their IT universe. They needed something more rock solid, unified, centralized in a single team.

A friend in the gaming industry recommended that Christopher try Sensu and called it a secret bullet in his arsenal of tools.

Their favorite thing about Sensu

The best thing about Sensu for them were the robust community and breadth of monitoring plugins, including obscure ones like checking on their SSL certificate expirations. The architecture and flexibility of Sensu allows them to scale to any size environment.