Netsmart Technologies Case Study

Netsmart Technologies offers Electronic Health Care (EHR) Software solutions for human services and post-acute care communities. They offer these services to healthcare providers and companies.

The Problem

Christopher Sabo of Netsmart Technologies describes how his team needed a monitoring solution that was more dynamic than Zabbix for their rapid deployment and teardowns, and they needed instant visibility into newly deployed environments.

They had adopted Infrastructure as Code using puppet, but their monitoring was not integrated and lagged their dynamic infrastructure and application deployment. They had HP OpenView and Zabbix but needed something more dynamic.

The Solution

They found Sensu integrated beautifully with their configuration management (Puppet), allowing them to declare everything as code and perfectly complementing their infrastructure as code workflows. Using Sensu, they were able to monitor their hybrid cloud infrastructure including hypervisors, VMware, Docker containers and containerized applications on both linux and windows.

“Sensu integrated beautifully with our devops configuration management workflow”

Christopher Sabo, Systems Engineer @ Netsmart