Scalability and self-service Monitoring with Sensu Go

In this testimonial, DevOps Engineer Landon Dao at GE talks about how Sensu is deployed across the cloud and on-prem at General Electric. They migrated away from legacy tools and chose Sensu as their primary monitoring solution. He’s looking forward to the simplification that Sensu Go provides (i.e., no RabbitMQ) and assets. He’s also found that Sensu Go can scale up to what they need, operates seamlessly, and is self-service as compared to legacy solutions. Watch the video to learn more.

IT Environment

General Electric has Sensu deployed across many different types of IT environments, including cloud and on-prem. They migrated from a collection of Zabbix, SolarWinds, and WhatsUp Gold into a single Sensu deployment.

Why they switched to Sensu

One of their main reasons for choosing Sensu was the fact that it could scale up to what they needed in a hybrid legacy and new cloud environment. When they were evaluating Sensu, a lot of other teams were using other solutions. They had another team that built out WhatsUp Gold, and when they got to about 1800 clients, it just couldn’t scale with the dynamic nature of their cloud environment.

They then transferred their monitoring to Landon’s team running Sensu, and not only was it able to scale, but they were also able to do self-service and add any custom checks that they wanted to the shared platform.