Why Sensu for Containerized Infrastructure

In this testimonial, Systems Engineer Kristian Sandoval at IBM talks about how he was tasked with containerizing Nagios and found that it was a single point of failure. His manager directed him to check out Sensu β€” he started playing with it and found that Sensu is a well-thought-out solution built for containerized infrastructure. He loves that Sensu is an event pipeline and is very automatable. Watch the video to learn more.

Systems Engineer Kristian Sandoval at IBM learned about the architectural limitations of Nagios when he was tasked with using Nagios for monitoring containerized cloud environments.

Kristian learnt about Sensu from his manager, and he found the self-registration feature in Sensu essential to supporting an ephemeral container environment. It is now a big part of their goal to automate the deployment of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure.